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Want to Master Video with Online Courses?

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"Connect with Confidence on Camera" will give you the tips to shine on camera for videos and presentations. It also shows you how to use messaging and a professional video set-up to earn trust and credibility. Go through this proven step-by-step course at your pace.

Need Face-to-Face Training Workshops?

I have successfully run training workshops and events around the world for major broadcasters, brands and organisations. I specially design trainings to get the perfect mix of theory and practical exercises to build confidence. I can train anyone from beginners to experienced pros.




Need One-to-one Coaching?

Whether it is help with an upcoming Zoom presentation, media appearance, messaging or just general video below for details on one-to-one coaching.

My Mission


  • To give business owners the skils to scale with video
  • To help you win the heart of your audience with rapport-building video content 
  • To ensure people unlock the video production power of their smartphone 


Who I Can Help


  • Small biz owners, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, course creators
  • Journalists, PR Consultants, Social media mangers
  • Charities, NGOs, Governmental Departments, Local and National Councils
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Live-streaming Webinars and Courses

Need virtual training delivered live through Zoom or other platforms? I have a special streaming studio set-up just for this type of training.


Get the training successfully delivered to thousands of people worldwide

I offer 1 day, 2 day, 4 day and bespoke course options.

Accelerated Learning

I have fine-tuned my training to get people from absolute beginners to producing videos they are proud of within an incredibly short time. 

Practical Confidence

The training is specially structured to make sure participants get plenty of practical exercises to build up their confidence in video. 

Latest Best Practice

I travel the world working with top broadcasters, businesses and agencies. In the training I can offer the latest innovations in both technology and content. 

Want to create quality video with your smartphone? Join PHONE VIDEO ACADEMY

PHONE VIDEO ACADEMY will take you step-by-step through the process of shooting, editing and sharing professional, engaging video on your smartphone

Who is Mark Egan?

I create content and deliver training on smartphones around the world. As a former BBC Video Journalist I think nowadays EVERYONE needs to master the skill of creating quality video quickly, efficiently and affordably.  I run my media company, Purple Bridge Media, from London. In the past decade I have trained thousands of journalists, marketers and media professionals in creating smartphone video content for TV, websites and social media. 

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