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Digital Marketer, Course Creator or Business Owner If You're Frustrated With Creating Professional Quality Video For Your Business Keep Reading...

  • Here's the  honest TRUTH you need to know about creating professional-looking video content using ONLY your smartphone.
  • For starters, the biggest problem you face right now is attracting an audience and turning them into buyers.  Video is really effective in doing both of those things.
  • Unfortunately, creating video the traditional way involves expensive cameras, lenses, lighting and complicated editing software.
  •  If you’re not a trained videographer you might just find the whole thing over technical, expensive and time consuming.

But that's not the end of the problem. It actually gets worse!


Because entrepreneurs, small business owners and course creators need video to grow their audience, build their brand and ultimately boost revenues by driving more sales.  

Video is just a very personal medium. It’s hard to build a connection with your audience without polished, engaging video content. Also, you need to be creating videos on a regular basis to build that relationship.

The trouble is, if your competitors have a bigger budget and are riding high on a wave of video, then you could be losing customers to them.


Research shows that those who incorporate video often into their business are able to build a loyal following...


...educate their consumers more effectively and increase sales conversions than those who use other just text and images.

The worst part of it is that most digital content creators wrongly think that they need lots of expensive, specialised equipment to shoot compelling video that keeps their customer coming back for more.


But luckily for you there is now a solution to your video content creation problem!


Most people are walking around with a professional quality video camera right there, in their pockets.


Your Smart Phone

Yes, your smartphone!

It allows you to go from concept to creation in minutes.

No need to explain your ideas to other people an have your concept lost in translation.

Get rid of that bottleneck of having to book the videographer and download expensive video editing software to your laptop.

Time is money so creating quality video quickly will literally increase your bottom line.  The cameras on smartphones are now good enough for use on TV and films.

They are far easier to use than traditional cameras….as long as you know how to get the best out of them. In fact, the video at the top of this page was shot on a phone with a cheap mic. 

  • Go from concept to creation in minutes.

  • No need to explain your ideas to other people an have your concept lost in translation.

  • Get rid of that bottleneck of having to book the videographer and download expensive video editing software to your laptop.

  • Time is money. Creating quality video quickly will literally increase your bottom line. 

The cameras on smartphones are now good enough for use on TV and films.


What’s crazy is it is far quicker to learn video skills on phones compared to bigger cameras…. you just have know how to get the best out of them. I can help you do that.

But hold on. it get’s better!


 Not only can you shoot fantastic promos, testimonials, vlogs, course content or explainer videos with your smartphone; you can also edit these video right there on the same device if you want to.

You just have to discover how to use those features that are already right at your fingertips.

 So if you want to be confident creating great looking videos, without worrying about how you can afford a videographer…here's the solution you've been looking for...



Phone Video Academy!

Learn to shoot, edit and share high quality, engaging video with just your smartphone!

What Our People Are Saying About My Training

Tuula Jokipaltio - Sanoma Newspaper Group, Finland

The training has been fantastic. Some journalists have said it's the best training they've ever had. 

Liz Throssell - UN Human Rights Office

I thought it was excellent. Right from the off we were getting good advice about what to do and how to do it.  

Chris Farrell - Marketing and Business Expert

 If you're into marketing or creating online courses, you really should pay attention to what Mark is saying

Hello, let me introduce myself. 

I'm Mark Egan.


I used to work for the BBC and in recent years I have trained thousands of people around the world, from journalists, broadcasters to business and non profits how to shoot, edit and share high quality production video from their smartphone.


After successfully helping major corporations and organizations master and benefit smartphone video production , I decided it was time take this knowledge to entrepreneurs, digital marketers and course creators, just like you.

What’s Covered In This Course?


Module 1: Shooting Great Video

Great videos start with shooting interesting, professional-looking shots. 

  • How you can make your smartphone videoslook better than the competition: Use the simple rules the pros follow to get great results every time. 
  • The battle of the smartphones, what you NEED to know: Why you need to understand to get a smartphone video working for you. 
  • The magic formulas that make your videos more engaging: How you can film your content so it is more interesting that the "talking head" videos your competition is putting out. 
  • Learn the tips you need to follow so you can film interviews, testimonials or courses that enhance your brand

Module 2: Getting Great Audio

Viewers hate bad audio.  Stand out form the crowd with quality audio

  • The one simple thing that your MUST know about smartphone mics
  • What pros know about mics that amateurs ignore
  • The best way to choose which mic you need
  • The best models to get you great audio without breaking the bank

Module 3: Editing Your Videos

Quickly edit your videos on your phone or computer so they are engaging and effective. 

  • How to edit quickly on your phone
  • Why you need to think workflow not apps
  • The best apps for editing social media content
  • The video editing solutions most people don't know about

Module 4: Mastering Social Media Video

If you are not using video on social media, you're being left behind by your competition. 

  • Find out which videos work best on which platforms
  • The apps that will supercharge your social content
  • How to produce compelling content and share it in seconds
  • Learn what tools can make your content perfect for your audience's needs

Module 5: Advanced Shooting Techniques

If you want to go to the next level you can join journalists, filmmakers and marketers creating advanced, polished video content using phones.  It's easier than you think. 

  • How to use the most powerful apps for your videos
  • The accessories that make your production look big budget
  • The one accessory that'll make your shots richer and more polished
  • Advanced filming techniques that take your skills to the next level

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"Phone Video Academy" Helps You:

  • Shoot, edit and upload professional quality video, directly from your iPhone or Android Smart Phone - no laptop required

  • Spontaneously broadcast your message, anytime, anywhere without being at the mercy of an expensive production team or techie  to produce your quality video. You can easily do it yourself.

  • Quickly create different video formats optimised for different social media platforms.

  • Select the inexpensive apps and accessories to give you a pro look you never thought was possible from your phone.

  • Learn the do and don’ts to make sure you get crystal clear audio without being a sound technician

  • Discover the different types of video and how to add subtitles, transitions, intros and branding

  • Understand how to make engaging videos and encourage your audience to share them.

  • Get the production results that pros do using my simple ,step by step shooting and editing formulas. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner…you’ll be shooting like a pro in no time.=

  • Simplify your digital product and course creation so you can get market faster and increase revenues

Chris Farrell, Internet Marketer - "These skills are vital to your business"

"Video is so important to stand out from the crowd. If you get the chance to learn video skills from Mark Egan, take it. He has been my "go to" guy for years. You'll actually enjoy learning"


And best of all, if you follow what I’ll show you you'll start seeing results with
"Phone Video Academy"
in a single afternoon..


Yes for $97 ,which is less than the cost of hiring a videographer to make just one video, you can incorporate compelling, converting video into your brand without relying on anyone else. You also get to be part of a community of like-minded people helping each other with shared advice and tips. There’ll also be regular updates and live-streams in the members-only Facebook group, so you can stay ahead with the latest apps, kit and strategies.

Just think of the amount of time and money you will save from ditching the expensive production crew and going it alone with your smartphone. Not to mention the extra revenue generated by putting out consistent video that grows your reach and increases your sales.

Let me let you into another secret.


Some of my former students who had not background in video were able to take the skills I taught them to charge other businesses for shooting videos for them!

So again, if you're a digital marketer, online entrepreneur or course creator who wants to get ahead of the game with quality video  that you create understand this:

You need a way to set yourself apart from the market.


People are consuming more and more video content, they expect it. They also want to see real people on camera.

  • Creating regular video for your business is the best way to catch their attention,  increase authority and accelerate their income
  • The improvement in smartphone technology over the last two years has been incredible. You need to take advantage of the powerful video creation capability that you already own. Broadcasters, movie directors and advertisers are shooting on smart phones. Don't be left behind
  • A recent study by tubular insights found 64 percent of consumers purchase after watching branded social videos. A staggering figure Your audience is waiting to connect with you over video. Now is the time to reach them


Still on the fence?
Here Are Some Great Extras

Private Facebook Group

Become a member of our exclusive Facebook Group where you can post questions, see what's working for others and connect with a supportive community. 

Script Templates

Grow your business with video using my script templates. Simply fill in the gaps and you can immediately create effective video scripts for all the main videos your business needs. 

Video Strategy

Being a member of Phone Video Academy means you you get access to a module to help you create a video strategy. Learn to make videos that will grow your business. 

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So remember you are getting:

You can go from novice to creating quality, effective video and be part of a vibrant community of like-minded people. 

  • Module 1: Shooting Great Video - How to get ahead of the competition with high quality video
  • Module 2: Getting Great Audio  - the easy-to-follow tips to get great audio on a budget
  • Module 3: Editing Your Videos  - How to turn your shots into engaging videos on your phone or computer
  • Module 4: Mastering Social Media Video  - target your audience with videos perfect for each platform
  • Bonus 1: Video scripts to make your videos more persuasive and inspiring.
  • Bonus 2: Secret Facebook Group -Get exclusive access to a secret Facebook group with the latest tips, live lessons and more

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You get skills, the latest tips and strategies and much more!

"One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words” - Forrester Research

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