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Former BBC journalist, Mark Egan, can teach you his proven method for creating high quality smartphone video, photos and audio.


Learn mobile journalism the way that's trusted by major news outlets and organisations

Your phone can be used as a professional tool..if you know how to master it.

Get great video shots, photographs, audio and stream live from your phone. If you know how to get the best out of it, you can create anything from an instagram story to a TV news report.

Introducing Mobile Journalism Academy.

As a journalist you do not want to be relying on other people, expensive and cumbersome equipment or a support team. Now you can access all the training you need at any time on any device. Learn in your own time. 

Want to shoot video without needing heavy equipment or a big crews?

Smartphones now have incredible cameras, powerful apps and some amazing accessories.  If you treat it like the professional tool it is, you can shoot and edit broadcast quality video content right there on your smartphone. No need for cumbersome workflows, expensive and heavy kit or relying on others.

Don't Get Left Behind

In an industry hungry for video content, you need to master creating video on your smartphone. The ability to quickly make multi-media content for any platform is an increasingly valuable skills, so don't get left behind. Join Mobile Journalism Academy to learn how.


Bite-sized training videos to take you from beginner to advanced-level

The Mobile Journalism Academy makes learning fun. These videos were shot in different countries, at interesting locations and in an easy-to-follow way. Go through it at your own pace and refer back to specific videos as a reference whenever you need to.

"It's been called the best training ever"

Hear how journalists around the world are using this training to reinvigorate their career with new skills. 


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