How To Effectively Use Video In Your Content Marketing Strategy

Video is a powerful tool for any business, but it has to be the right kind of video. Many businesses do not get results with video because they have no strategy. Here are some tips:


Improving Conversions

According to Wharton marketing professor Adam Grant, most people don't buy from businesses they can't relate to. They need to see themselves in your company. Having a video that shows off your company culture makes your business more engaging and appealing. It makes your clients feel as if they're connected to the brand. You can't talk about your product or service without video. The more human and personal the video the better. Videos of past clients and case studies can also add social proof that will help persuade people to buy. 

The Right Kind of Video
Your video should be educational or highlight a problem that you solve. Think of a “How to” tutorial, or a real-life experience video of a customer talking about how they use your product. These types of videos will help you provide more value to your audience. If you can highlight some of the issues that they are facing, you will build rapport with your audience because they will feel like you understand them.

 Your video should be relevant. How relevant is it to your audience? Get to know what they like, how they consume your videos and look at the analytics. The more you can "get into their heads" the more targeted your videos can become. 

How to Optimise Video for More Engagement

On social media engagement is very important. That can be likes, shares, questions etc. Make sure your videos are the start of a conversation with your audience, not the end of it. Ask questions and interact. The social platforms algorithms will reward you if your content sparks engagement. 

How to Create Video Content

You can create video with your phone, mirrorless camera or a video team. The important thing is that the video is doing a job. Is it educating, building a relationship or selling? If you do not want to worry about editing, why not go live? Live streaming is a great way to get interaction and create video content that does not need to be edited afterwards. 


Video is a necessary component of content marketing, but it is not enough. It must be used in conjunction with email lists and a customer journey.  Break down that customer journey into stages from prospect to buyer. Then see where video can play a role in that process. This will help you define your video strategy. 

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