Using video to teach people how to create Amazon profitable businesses - podcast interview with Adam Hudson

Imagine spending $100 000 just on producing the videos for a free training course. That is exactly what Adam Hudson has done. His education business, Reliable Education, teaches people how to make millions selling goods on Amazon. 

Adam is a serial entrepreneur having created several multi-million Dollar businesses. In this episode of the Knowledge Industry Podcast he tells Mark Egan what he has learned on the journey...and what advice he has for you if you want to be an Amazon seller or an online educator. 





Adam Hudson  00:02

I had a really strong success in Amazon as a seller, build a seven figure business, doing really well selling 33 countries around the world in the make money online education space, it is a snake pit. And it's full of really sketchy oily, questionable operators. And so I was always, I was really weary and aware of that. And the reason I decided to go forward with it, aside from the entrepreneurial business reasons my formula works, and to the point now, where our students have done $1.5 billion in sales on Amazon, Amazon is actually the process that you can learn.



Today's guest is Adam Hudson, who's built a string of multi million dollar businesses. Now through his company, reliable education. He's teaching people how to build a business selling on Amazon. But get this he spent $100,000 just to making the videos for his free training. So what is the opportunity for people like you and I on Amazon? And how is that I'm teaching people to take advantage of that?



Do you sell online courses or run live workshops? Do you have expertise that can help people in life or business? Are you even running an online training Empire from your kitchen table? Then you're part of the knowledge industry, a fast growing industry that means that you can learn almost anything, and anyone can create a business around what's between their ears. Welcome to the knowledge industry podcast with your host, Mark Egan.


mark egan  01:31

Adam, thanks for joining us. Whereabouts in the world are you exactly describe the scene,


Adam Hudson  01:36

I am on the beachfront at the Gold Coast of Australia, which is about an hour flight north of Sydney on the east coast of Australia. And I'm right here on the beach. That's beautiful.


mark egan  01:48

Living the dream and living the dream. say I've been to Australia, I went to Sydney, which fantastic city went to Canberra, which doesn't feel like the capital city when you've been to Sydney but fantastic place. I've never been up to Queensland, are you affected by the lock downs and all that kind of stuff that's been happening?


Adam Hudson  02:07

We're probably we're in the state of Queensland. And we are probably the one of those lucky states in the world, not just Australia with hardly been touched by COVID. We've had one case today, and they've made the Navy has put on masks from midnight. So in a state of like 3 million people or...

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