How to create an online business with multiple courses and products - Rob Cubbon interview

If you have expertise you want to share and earn a living from it, you should listen to Rob Cubbon. He has been successful on Udemy, written multiple books and sold various courses while creating a new life for himself in Thailand. So are you better creating one main course or multiple smaller products on various platforms? 

In this episode he explained to Mark Egan how he got started, and what he has learned from years of earning a living online. 



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Coming up on the knowledge industry podcast,

Rob Cubbon  00:02

you are so much better off creating 10 products than you are creating one product, you got 10x the chance of it something good.

mark egan  00:13

So how do you earn a consistent living online? Today's guest is Rob cup. And he spent years doing just that using online courses, books and much more. So how does he do it? Do you sell online courses


or run live workshops? Do you have expertise that can help people in life or business? Are you even running an online training Empire from your kitchen table? Then you're part of the knowledge industry, a fast growing industry that means that you can learn almost anything, and anyone can create a business around what's between their peers. Welcome to the knowledge industry podcast with your host, Mark Egan.

mark egan  00:50

Okay, so Rob, really great to speak to you. I know you're in Thailand and in my mind whenever I speak to people who are like working out of Thailand I vision the MENA with this beach hut, you know, the the sea lapping against their toes and their laptop on there. But I'm guessing it's not like that. So we're about stealing, what kind of place do you live in?

Rob Cubbon  01:06

I live in Chiang Mai, which is a very unfortunately landlocked, it's it's it's kind of 500 kilometers from the nearest bit of coastline, I have to say, I did go down to the Copenhagen coastal movie, I've just got back from an island. So if you if you'd interviewed me, like two months ago, I would have shown you the sea lapping against the bungalow. But at the moment, I'm in a city, which has 200 to 400,000 people in it, depending on where you draw the boundary. And it's a very nice place. It's, if you get outside, it's very rural. And there's a great entrepreneurial international community here. And the Thai people are also great, and entrepreneurial, as well. So all in all, it's a good place to base myself at this at this time there.

mark egan  01:56

So we'll come to later on, like, why you've ended up there and what you're doing and all that kind of thing. But a lot of people I speak to who have created online courses or a business using their expertise, this story tends to begin with, I was in some kind of corporate job. And then I got fed up a bit. And I thought, right, I'm going and I'm now going to kind...

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