How to sell your online course - ep 15 of The Knowledge Industry Podcast

Lucy Griffiths is the author of "Make Money While You Sleep". As a former journalist, she changed career path to create an online business. She has sold tens of thousands of courses and in this episode of The Knowledge Industry Podcast she tells Mark Egan how she successfully sells her courses and memberships. 





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Coming up on the knowledge industry podcast,



it is possible for anybody to build an online business, it doesn't matter where you are. It doesn't matter that your geography, your health, your, your age, all of those things suddenly matter on the internet.



So today's topic is you may have created that course. But how do you sell it? My guess is Lucy Griffiths, who's the author of make money while you sleep? And she sold 10s of 1000s of online courses?



Do you sell online courses or run live workshops? Do you have expertise that can help people in life or business? Are you even running an online training empire from your kitchen table? Then you're part of the knowledge industry, a fast growing industry that means that you can learn almost anything, and anyone can create a business around what's between their ears. Welcome to the knowledge industry podcast with your host, Mark Egan.



So Lucy, great to talk to you just set the scene. Where are you at the moment



Hello, I am in a very frosty Cotswolds. I was just out for a run earlier and the frost is thick on the ground and it's a bit icy and slippery. So I'm in the Cotswolds just in temporary. So Prince Charles is my neighbor, but he doesn't ever give me any fruit and vegetables over the fence. Sadly,



you've not invited him over to say, Come on, Charlie, come on, we'll put the water right here for a quick matter.



Dissolve, he doesn't want to get to know me. So Kamila I've seen a couple of times helpful ways, but no child is having none of it.



Oh, he must be intimidated by your success, which we will talk about in a moment. But the I'm really glad that we're getting a chance to talk because there's so many similarities between your story of mine. So firstly, you know, I spent some time when I was young growing up in Germany and Detmold drive this violin. And you spent some time growing up in



when I was about six months old. My parents packed up their Fords hatchback for kids, and a trailer tent and drove across Europe. And we went to live in Berlin. Our house wasn't ready. So my parents decided to camp by the side of an airfield, which was RAF Gastao. And we lived and I was a baby. Remember, my mom had four kids. And we lived in this trailer tent for about six weeks until somebody first discovered that we're doing this and then felt sorry for my mom, and got...

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