How to Make Online Courses More Engaging

So many online courses I buy are just a slideshow, often with the course leader not even putting their face on camera. I think there is a simple way to make online courses more engaging. 

When I was creating a course on using smartphones to shoot professional-quality video, I made a list of all the topics I needed to cover. Then, whenever I was somewhere suitable, I'd take out my phone(with a simple mic and tripod) and shoot a video about it.  So in a noisy Delhi street I talked about microphones. The idea was to take people on a journey. Online courses have to visually engaging to keep people's interest. If you take my course you'll visit Estonia, India, South Africa and the USA among others. That surely makes it more memorable that a powerpoint presentation.

This may not work for every single topic. For some you could possible record and introduction to the video on camera and then go into slides. However, for many subjects it can work. For instance, if someone had a course on conflict management, why not find somewhere in your area that has an historical example of conflict? An old battleground, a location from a move, anything that can be a visual metaphor for a discussion about conflict. 

What about leadership and team management? Could you film at a local sports field and use sporting analogies? All these things just make your content more "sticky" because you have told a visual story around it. 

With so many people now taking online courses, approaches like this can help you stand out from the crowd, and all your need is your phone and some cheap equipment. 

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